Notion OKR Suite

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Set Goals, Create Initiatives, Track Tasks, and grow your startup all in one place!

Notion OKR Suite is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan and execute work at your starup using Notion.

Every template you'll ever need
+20 ready to use and easy to customize templates including 👇

👉 Admin Control Panel
Customizable dashboard to help you stay focused on everything

👉 CEO’s Dashboard
Easily customizable, ready-to-use Dashboard with visibility on progress of each initiative & Team

👉 Team Management Board
Task planner and tracker for multiple teams

👉 Company Goals
Keep your startup on track and moving in the right direction

👉 Initiative Progress Dashboard
Track the progress of each individual initiative across multiple teams

👉 Employee Review
Have a clear view on the Effort and Impact of work of each individual

+10 Other Templates

Including ✔️ Projects Dashboard ✔️ Tasks Dashboard ✔️ Company OKRs ✔ Employee ✔ Team Rating and more.

Notion OKR Suite is a way of working. NOT pages & templates!
Built based on validated and constantly improving processes to be your recipe for success.

A closer look at What's inside

🟢 Based on validated, and constantly improving process

🟢 Focus on your most lucrative tasks and activates first

🟢 Well structured workspace and organized databases

🟢 100s of views for ultra-responsive linked databases

🟢 Fully customizable Icons and Naming convention

🟢 tools & resources included. Updated weekly

🟢 Pay once, get free updates. Forever!

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Everything in one spot!

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Ready-to-go Notion Template with People, Team, Projects and Goal Management

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Notion OKR Suite

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